Use Houseplants To Remove Toxic Chemicals From Your Indoor Air


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are toxic chemicals floating everywhere in our indoor air. They can come from building materials, paint, upholstery, air fresheners, washing products, or cosmetics. For example, nail polish removers release acetone into the air. Acetone is an irritant and may cause dizziness, headache and affect the nervous system. But, houseplants can come to your rescue.

bromeliad against toxic chemicalsA study by Vadoud Niri, an analytical chemist from the State University of New York shows that houseplants can help clean the air. In his research, he tested 5 common houseplants in airtight chambers containing 8 types of chemicals.

After 12 hours, the Bromeliad plant was the most effective by removing 80% of the chemicals from the air. But, for acetone specifically, the Dracaena — Corn plant — was the champion by sucking up 94% of the compound.

corn-plants-against-toxic-chemicalsNiri recommends using various kinds of plants to remove all the different types of chemicals that could be present in your home.”Use a variety of plants to make sure that you take all types of VOCs from your indoor air.”

Source: Scientific American.

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