Top U.S Doctors Say Climate Change Makes Us Sick


By taking into account the increase in lethal diseases, the relentless assaults of extreme weather and the growing air pollution, climate change is killing us slowly, according to a report released Wednesday by the U.S. Medical Society Consortium. This group includes at least half of all the physicians in the U.S including The American College of Physicians (ACP), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and nine other medical societies.

Most of us are aware that climate change exists, but we often see it as a distant and blurry threat. But is it really affecting us right now? According to our doctors, it does. Physicians across the country are seeing an increasing rate of health problems associated with climate change such as heat-related illnesses, chronic diseases, injuries from weather events or infectious sicknesses carried by mosquitoes and ticks.

Different types of damages seems to emerge from the report:

    • Injuries and deaths caused by external events such as violent weather.
    • Lungs afflictions and asthma increased by hot temperatures, longer allergy season, wildfires and poor air quality.
    • Higher spread of diseases through insects benefiting from milder winters, and through contaminated water and food.
    • Rise of depressions, anxiety due to the more precarious balance of the natural world, the weather, and the decline of societal and economic stability.

Scientists have warned for years of the potential impacts of climate change on human health and  the World Health Organization estimated that climate change will be responsible for about 240,000 deaths per year by 2030.

The goal of these 400,000 doctors associated with this report is to raise awareness in the public and policymakers about the risks and harmful health effects of climate change as well as the immediate necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning to clean renewable energy.

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