The incredible benefit of eating Mushrooms!


Mushrooms and humans share more in common DNA, than we do with plants! Since we share so much of the same DNA, mushrooms and humans also share common infections. The eastern world has long been using mushrooms to treat diseases. Here are some of the wonderful benefits regular mushroom consumption can provide for you!

What benefits does it have?

Memory – The Nervous System!

One of the most powerful mushroom is the ” Lions Mane Mushroom “. it can stimulate nerve grow due to its main two compounds Hericenone and Erinacine. It can also lower the beta-amyloid plaques, which is a protein known to cause Alzheimer, parkinson’s, Lou Gerig’s and other nervous system issues. Eating the Lions Mushroom will help your nervous system function at it’s full potential!

White button mushrooms can help control your weight, as well as helping you to lose weight. Don’t stop eating the white button mushroom once you start losing weight, sticking to your new diet will help you maintain your success!


The Chaga and the Cordyceps mushroom have a powerful hidden benefit! The Chaga mushroom contains is made out of a compound called superoxide dismutase. This compound helps deal with every day stress, and even disease. It also promotes healthy body function, such as the digestive system, skin and liver detoxification, as well as many other benefits! Make sure to add the Chaga mushroom to your diet!

Immune System

A properly working immune system is the foundation of a healthy body. A weak immune system will have many effects on your body, therefore it is important to feed your body the fuel it needs to keep the immune system going strong! Luckily  the Gandoerma Lucidum ( Reishi ) mushroom can help you strengthening your body. The Reishi mushroom has long been used in the eastern world, and has long been known as the ” mushroom of immortality “. Reishi has been proven to help every aspect of the immune system by helping ones blood pressure, infections, digestive systems, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, inflammations and more!


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