Skincare Products and the Fake Organic


The skincare and cosmetics products are virtually not regulated so be careful of the wording :
stay away from “natural”,”organics”, “pure” or “healthy”, it doesn’t mean anything and is just a confusing advertisement pit.
Even the label “Organic” is not safe as it is not monitored or regulated as the organic food is.

The only safe choice when it comes to skincare is “USDA Organic”. This label only will insure you the same regulations as Organic foods and keep you safe from synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, paraben, pesticides residues and more.

Ingredients you should avoid at all cost in your beauty products:

Coal Tar: Banned in Europe as carcinogen.
Formaldehyde: Banned in Europe as carcinogen.
Hydroquinone: Banned in the UK, rated most toxic and linked to cancer .
Mercury: carcinogen.
Mineral oil: Impairs the skin’s ability to release toxins.
Parabens: preservative linked to cancer.
Triclosan: Linked to cancer and endocrine disruption.
Toluene: Disrupting the immune and endocrine systems.
Sodium lauryl sulfate: Irritant.
Silicone-derived emollients: Linked to tumor growth and skin irritation.
Polyethylene glycol: carcinogen.
Phthalates: Banned in Europe and California. Linked to endocrine disruption and cancer.
Paraphenylenediamine: toxic to immune system.
Oxybenzone: Linked to allergies, hormone disruption.
Talc: Linked to cancer and respiratory problems.

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