Roundup Kills More than just Weed and Grass


Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup (Monsanto) is the most used herbicide worldwide. It is probably  part of your daily diet if you don’t eat organic foods only. It is used mostly by non organic farmers, especially on GM (Genetically modified) crops but also by anyone fighting weeds. It is widely sprayed along railroad tracks, in backyards, city streets and parks.

Glyphosate is used so heavily in the U.S. that it has been found in human breast milk and 75% of the air and rain in the Mississippi delta region.

This largely used herbicide is banned in multiple countries (The Netherlands, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Malta and more European country are soon-to-follow), why?

– The International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization, issued a report that classified glyphosate as a probable cause of cancer.
– Physicians report that rates of birth defects in one of Argentina’s poorest regions quadrupled in the decade after glyphosate was introduced and cases of chronic kidney disease are soaring in Central America, India, and other heavily sprayed regions.
– Glyphosate has also been linked to autism by MIT researchers, to gluten intolerance and allergies.

Of course, the battle is raging. The food and herbicide industries are fighting these founding and contradictory reports criss-cross  the media.

But, in the end, should we take the risk?
Should we accept the Guinea pig role that these industries want us to fill in this worldwide long-term study on Glyphosade?
Personally,  I will stick to my herbicide-free organic diet and wish for the best.

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