Organic Grass-Fed Milk and it’s Huge Benefits


Milk and Cheese are great sources of Protein and Calcium. That’s why our parents insisted so much that we drink  our Milk daily. To be honest, I prefer mine with chocolate, but that defeats the purpose. As it turns out, one kind of milk is better for you: the organic Milk coming from grass-fed cattle. When the cows can eat  what they want, mainly grass, it raises the levels of healthy fats in the milk. There are about 36% more Omega-3 fatty acids and about 30% more conjugated linoleic fatty acids than in the milk of conventionally raised animals. Both are what we call the “healthy fats”.

Farmers who want to meet the USDA organic standards can’t use synthetic fertilizers or genetic engineering on the land where they raise their herds and have to follow strict rules on what the cows can eat or not. So, the organic milk is free of antibiotics, hormones, synthetic pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified ingredients that could be found in conventional milk. One of the most popular and best selling products at Whole Foods Market, is ” Organic Valley ” Grass Fed Milk, it is one of the major brands offering 100% grass fed milk. You may contact your local farm and see if they offer Milk from 100% grass fed cows. As the adage says: “You are what you eat” and it applies also to cows.

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