Nigeria is standing up against Monsanto for GMO free fields!


The question has come up recently as to whether Monsanto, as well as other companies that produce patented seeds that are genetically engineered, are actually producing them for the purpose of “feeding the world” or simply for controlling the worldwide food supply.

The UN ( United Nations) have recently weighted in on the topic of GM seeds. They said that “feeding the world” requires farming that is both natural and small-scale as opposed to GMOs from Monsanto or other methods that are agrochemical-intensive.

A plan has been created for distributing seeds that are GMO-free in big parts of Africa. Nigerian citizens in the millions are calling on farmers for the rejection of GMO.

A newly released report from a website called “Global Research”. The organization that represents more than 14 million farmers who are members of the Farmer’s Alliance in Nigeria. They are currently calling upon the farmers, especially those who are located in north-east Nigeria. They are proposing to reject the GMO seeds, as well as any other seeds that the World Food Program (WFP) are distributing via the World Bank.

GM seeds are pesticide heavy and have recently be proven to carry less than 20% the nutrition than conventional or organically grown produce. The chart bellow compares the nutrition value between conventional and organic food, it is important to note that the organic produce exceeds the amount of nutritions by up to 400% compared to conventionally grown produce. GMO ( Genetically Modified ) food ranks bellow conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. 


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