New Line Of 100% Organic Beauty Products


A new NYC-based start-up, Smoothie Beauty, is launching a line of organic fresh skincare.  They propose a debut line of organic food-based face masks without preservative, additive, synthetic compounds or fragrance. Therefore, the masks need to be refrigerated. Created by a former model, Stephanie Peterson, this new company brings DIY beauty products to the next level: commercialization. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can buy it there. It kind of defeats the purpose of the DIY trend, but could be helpful for those who don’t want to prepare, mix, blend and clean for their natural-made skincare.

They offer fresh face masks and boosters made with seasonal organic ingredients. They claim that the products are safe and healthy enough to eat. Interesting, but people don’t usually eat their skincare or maybe in case of an emergency craving.

According to Stephanie Peterson, she used a lot of skincare products throughout her career as an international model. After a while, she began to question the harmful effects of added chemicals to beauty products that she was using on a daily basis. She started to develop DIY natural beauty recipes to avoid toxic ingredients, what led to the creation of Smoothie Beauty. The line of products is currently limited to face masks and boosters for different types of skin and purpose.

The price of the masks is $14.50 for 3 uses while the boosters are $2.50 for one application. Smoothie Beauty also offer “beauty Cleanse” packages consisting of 3 masks for $37.50. You can get a 20% discount with a subscription for delivery every 2,4 or 8 weeks.

It’s a new approach to commercial beauty products. If it works, it could emulate the mainstream cosmetics companies to rethink the safety of their own products.

Smoothie Beauty:
“We ethically source ingredients both locally and from all over the world, thoughtfully blend our products for maximum efficacy, and deliver them to you fresh, chilled, and ready to use. At Smoothie Beauty, we believe in the universal, restorative power of pure and simple foods: inside and out. Humble ingredients and an honest approach – that’s our recipe for a healthier you.”

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