How to Make Your Own Toxin Free Toothpaste


Making your very own toothpaste has many benefits. It is always rewarding to make something yourself, but it is also a lot cheaper. You can easily make toothpaste for a year for less than $10. But most importantly making your own toothpaste is a lot healthier for your body than using conventional toothpaste as we described in detail here. We are showing you a simple and more advanced way to make your own toothpaste!

Go Simple!

Making your own toothpaste is rather easy. You can make it as easy as a fifty fifty ratio of coconut oil and baking soda, you may want to add some essential oil for smell and taste, peppermint is a good solution. You should keep this in a BPA free glass container and seal it well. Whenever you want to brush your teeth just scoop out a little bit of the paste and brush your teeth as usual! The baking soda will whiten your teeth and the coconut oil will help get rid of any built up.

 Go Advanced!

An advanced step to make your own toothpaste is based on Bentonite clay, we have already talked about the many benefits Bentonite clay has, its detoxifying elements, and weight loss properties are huge and you should add it to your daily diet.

You will need the following ingredients to make this toothpaste that is sold in many health store for up to $10 a tube!

4 drops tea tree oil
2 Tbsp bentonite clay
3-4 Tbsp distilled or boiled water that has cooled
10-15 drops essential oils in peppermint, lavender or orange
tiny pinch of pink Himalayan salt
plastic or wooden spoon or spatula – do not use a metal spoon together with any bentonite clay, we explain why here.

Mix all ingredients together in a glass jar that you can seal. Use the same way as you would use your conventional toothpaste! You may even want to swallow this toothpaste and not spit it out, as all the ingredients used are essentially good for your body! Enjoy.

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