How to Avoid a Dangerous Additive


Titanium dioxide, also named E171, and normally used in paint, paper and plastic, is also commonly used as an additive or filler in processed foods, personal care products, and medications. It naturally reflects UVs and is often added to sunscreens but you can also find it in toothpastes, sweets, medications, and some health supplements.  Bread, mayonnaise, yogurt and other dairy products may also contain titanium dioxide.
It is especially dangerous in its nanoparticles form. According to a research at Binghamton University, it has been found to change digestive cells structure impairing digestive function and  slowing metabolism. Consequently, some nutrients like iron, zinc, and fatty acids are more difficult to absorb, which can lead to nutrient starvation. Enzyme functions are negatively affected, and inflammation signals increased.

When inhaled as a dust, titanium dioxide is classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Researchers have also observed disorders in the immune system linked to nanoparticles of E171, which led to the development of pre-neoplastic lesions in the colon of 40 percent of the animals in the study. The compound is no longer legally used in Germany and is under review in France.

To reduce your exposure to Titanium dioxide, avoid processed foods, chewing gum and candies. Scrutinize labels of foods, toothpastes, sunscreens, make-up and, drugs to see if E171 or Titanium dioxide is included in the ingredient list. Buy your supplements from trusted retailers such as or Whole Foods Market.

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