Foods High in Alkaline for Beautiful Skin and Outstanding Health!


Eating healthy is a key to beautiful skin, health and outstanding health. It will boost your natural cell renewal making your hair and skin look fresh and beautiful. But it also boosts your immune system at the same time, making you less prone to becoming sick. Inflammation is known to hinder cell regeneration, luckily these foods will help you to develop anti-inflammatory properties! Here are 10 foods you can eat to boost your Alkaline level to achieve beautiful Skin, Hair and a healthy body to be proud of!

Alkaline Foods for Cell Regeneration


This delicious fruit has been used to treat cancer for a long time, even though it is sometimes hard to get, its very common on Hawaii, you can buy tea leafs and drink it as an infusion


It contains nutrients that play an important role in cell growth and development.


Plums have high amounts of antioxidants so they’ll help reduce inflammation.


This fruit contains beta-carotene andphytochemicals, which will help to reduce and remove toxins in the body.

Wild rice

Wild rice has the properties that promote the production of collagen.

Sea salt

Sea salt removes excess acid in the body and helps keep pH levels balanced an essential way to keep your body running smoothly. You can dissolve a little bit of sea salt in a glass of water and drink it in the morning


This food contains a natural food color called norbixin. Norbixin has very strong antioxidant properties.

Burro banana

This banana has high amounts of copper and iron. It will help boost the production of red blood cells.

Some more foods you may want to ad to your diet for naturally faster and healthier cell renewal.

White wine


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