Fight Your Allergies Naturally – Once and for All!


Are you part of the millions of people who sneeze, itch and cough as soon as the flowers begin to bloom? As we cannot prevent nature to follow its course, and the spring being just around the corner, you better get prepared for the assault.

1- Change your Diet.
As far as prevention is concerned, diet is key.
– Cleanse your body of toxins by avoiding mucous foods such as dairy products, pr
ocessed wheat and sugar. Stay away from red meat, junk foods and all kind of processed foods as they are difficult to digest and contains preservatives and chemicals that will induce the liver to produce reactive impurities.

–  You will need a lot of antioxidants to battle inflammation inside your body so eat a lot of organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and drink green tea.
Include products rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon or walnuts. Omega 3 coming from organic flax seed or hemp seed oil have been shown to reduce seasonal allergies.

2- Spring clean your environment
– Be sure to clean your air conditioning filters and use pollen filters.
– Remove the dust accumulated during the winter and wipe clean with a wet cloth all surfaces including your mattress.
– Cover your mattress and box spring in Non-toxic organic bedding like allergy-free, hypoallergenic mattress cover or pillowcases and wash your sheets at least 1 time a week at 130-degree water to kill dust mites.

3- Get tested

If you’ve never been tested for your allergies, now’s a good time to do it. Knowing your triggers will help you avoid them.

4- Begin taking some natural antihistamines
Pre-treating allergies leads to better control of symptoms. Beginning treatment before the onset of the symptoms will ensure the presence of antihistamines in your bloodstream.

Stinging Nettle is a natural antihistamine that can help relieve symptoms of allergies.
Quercetin is an anti oxidant found in onions and apples and has been shown to reduce the the respiratory problems associated with allergies.
Bromelain found in pineapples can also help with respiratory inflammation induced by allergens.
Vitamin C  present in multiple fruits and vegetables has been found to prevent the secretion of histamine by white blood cells and increase its detoxification.
Butterbur , the singular of the herbal world, blocks some chemicals that trigger swelling in the nasal passages.
– Combination supplements are available on the market. They contain a mixture of natural antihistamines that I listed above (Aller-Max from Country Life, HistaBlock from Nature’s sunshine or Lucidia from Artemis therapeutics).

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